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IL MARE: A Tale of Passion, Flavor, and Heritage. Our journey began humbly, blossoming into a cherished destination where exceptional dining thrives. With skilled chefs crafting culinary poetry and an ambiance that radiates warmth, we invite you to join us on a voyage where each dish celebrates culture, family, and unforgettable moments. Housed in a historic building since 2003, our sea-view locale offers a clear sightline to the iconic “Skala” monument, embodying the fusion of time-honored charm and contemporary elegance. Welcome to a realm where history, cuisine, and vistas intertwine, making every visit an unforgettable memory.



Our Specialties

Discover our culinary specialties, where seafood’s elegance meets the artistry of perfectly grilled meats. Each dish is a fusion of flavors, a symphony for your senses that captures tradition with a touch of innovation.

"Tender Octopus Carpaccio: A Seafood Delight."
"Paella Seafood: A Flavorful Ocean

Meet The Team of IL MARE.

Introducing the Culinary Maestros of IL MARE: A team driven by passion and expertise. Our chefs are the artists behind each masterpiece, crafting a symphony of flavors that tell a story of dedication and creativity. From the kitchen to your table, our team is committed to delivering an unforgettable dining experience that reflects their culinary artistry.